Towards a just transition: coal, cars and the world of work

The role of trade unions and social dialogue is key in demonstrating the major differences between coal-based energy generation and the automobile industry.

This book presents two faces of a just transition towards a net-zero carbon economy by drawing lessons from these two carbon-intensive sectors.

The authors regard just transition not as an abstract concept, but as a real practice in real workplaces. While decarbonisation itself is a common objective, particular transitions take place in work environments that are themselves determined by the state of the capital-labour relationship, with inherent conflicts of interest, during the transition process.

The case studies presented in this book highlight the major differences between these two sectors in the nature and magnitude of the challenge, how transition practices are applied and what role the actors play.

Serena Rugiero, responsabile dell’Area di ricerca Energia, Sviluppo e Innovazione FDV, ha redatto il capitolo “Decarbonisation in the Italian energy sector: the role of social dialogue in achieving a just transition – the case of Enel”, sulla transizione energetica in Italia e il ruolo del dialogo sociale nella prospettiva di una “Just a transition”, approfondendo lo studio di caso dell’Enel.