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"BROAD - Building a Green Social Dialogue" - Workshop internazionale

To completely change the business model of the buildings, transforming itself into driver of a sustainable growth instead of the role of soil devouring, it is not an enlightened choice of the individual company or the individual country but something that the old continent and the entire planet need. For this reason, the green economy is the great challenge of the third millennium, a challenge that the European countries and all social actors must be able to face.

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September 21, 2016

BROAD - Building a Green Social Dialogue

In the framework of the BROAD project’s activities, a one-day national workshop will be held in each of the five countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain) in June 2016 with the participation of employers and workers representatives, public institutions, universities, environmental associations and civil society. The Italian meeting, which has been organised by Fillea and FDV, will take place at CGIL headquarters on Thursday 23 June.

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June 23, 2016