PERL – Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living

PERL works to assist people around the world who are trying to change from being uncritical consumers to becoming more conscious and active citizens.

Based on six years of work by the Consumer Citizenship Network, PERL aims to advance education for responsible living by focusing on consumer citizenship, education for sustainable consumption, social innovation and sustainable lifestyles.

PERL's approach is to build bridges and to collaborate by recognising that people need to determine their own lifestyle changes—based on good information, consultation and the principles of sustainable human development.

PERL’s main work involves undertaking research and debate, creating teaching methods and materials, encouraging and giving visibility to social innovation, providing recommendations based on its experience and influencing policy.

PERL is made up of partner institutions around the world.

European partners are determined through PERL's funding agreement with the European Commission.

In Asia-Pacific, Latin America and in Africa, Regional PERL Networks are being established to facilitate activities in these regions.

All PERL partners are members of the Consultants' Network and many are also members of Work Groups.

The PERL project is run by a Core Unit situated at Hedmark University College in Norway. The project is guided by a Steering Group and will refine its focus with the help of an International Reference Group.

PERL’s six work programmes are:

1. Reflection and implementation
Developing research, policy analysis and recommendations

2. Social innovation
Giving visibility to creative communities that collaboratively invent new ways of living

3. Enabling sustainable lifestyles
Supporting projects around the globe that provide data for research and opportunities for teaching and learning

4. Education for responsible living
Creating materials and methodologies for consumer citizenship and education for sustainable consumption

5. Communication and multimedia
Preparing and disseminating PERL methods and materials

6. International dialogue and consultation
Carrying out research, discussion and debate

Elena Battaglini has been Chair of Working Group 3 “Mapping changes in attitudes and behavior”.

2012 - 2015