COST (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) Action IS1007 - Investigating cultural sustainability

Culture can be regarded as a fundamental issue, even a precondition to be met on the path towards Sustainable Development that is necessary to get to grips with in Europe and whole world. However, the theoretical and conceptual understanding of culture within the general frames of sustainable development remains vague and consequently, the role of culture is poorly operationalised in the environmental and social policies. The ultimate goal of the COST Action "Investigating Cultural Sustainability" (2011-2015) was  to increase understanding of and determine the role of culture in sustainable

EBNT – National Observatory on Public Spending and Sustainable Tourism

Main task of the Observatory is the publication of an annual ranking of the Italian municipalities that is presenting the sustainable tourism performances in relation to the local public spending. This work takes advantage of a data warehouse and of a participatory model of policies assessment.

Bruno Trentin

« When a man like Trentin speaks, it does not make sense to ask whether he belongs to the right or to the left wing of the Communist Party, because when someone speaks like him, you can understand that the hard critic rethinking and creative research belong to all those who want to get out of the commonplaces, from laziness. » (Giorgio Bocca - il Giorno - 1975)

Giuseppe Di Vittorio

The new Fondazione Di Vittorio (FDV), the result of the progressive unification of all previous bodies of the Confederation (Associazione Bruno Trentin, IRES, ISF, Smile), becomes the only Cgil national institute for historical research, economic, social and union training.