Bargaining new rights Protection, welfare and opportunities for LGBTQI workers in Italy

The FDV, Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vittorio, together with CGIL, the Italian General Confederation of Labour, in collaboration with Filcams Cgil (commerce, tourism and services branch union),  has developed a study on some of the main bargaining experiences on LGBTQI rights at the workplace in Italy.
The outcomes of the research are going to be introduced and discussed at the World Conference “Freedom at work”, organised by the Dutch trade union FNV on August 4-5, 2016 in Amsterdam. The approach of the study is aimed at trying to put together both the experiences relating to specific anti-discrimination policies and the harmonization of LGBTQI rights in relation to bargaining and employment and is based on the examination and comparison of about twenty company level contracts and agreements on specific issues in different sectors: commerce, distribution, services, transportation, metal workers, banks and insurances.

The full version of the research will be online from September 2016.